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Why Fishing is Great for Your Mental Health

Why Fishing is Great for Your Mental Health

Ever have that feeling of being stagnant in your thinking and seems like you cannot break out of a mindset that is not serving the betterment of your lifestyle?

Then it is time to go back into the wild nature of this beautiful earth. 

According to several psychologist, spending time in nature may be the key to good mental health.

One study specifically, which was recently published in BioScience Journal, found that daily exposure to nature can, among other things, help reduce feelings of stress and even improve your self-esteem, for up to seven hours. 

 fishing for mental health

Moreover, a study from the University of Michigan suggests that being in nature not only improves your mood for the time, but also has positive long-term effects when it comes to depression and memory, as well as decreasing the risk of certain cancers and high blood pressure.

You can start to boost your mental health by either going camping, biking, hiking and climbing, however experts believe that the greatest mental health boost comes from fishing. 

Fishing is by nature a reflective and meditative activity that forces you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. People fish for many reasons. Some fish just for food and some for sport, while others just want an excuse to be outside or get together with friends. No matter what gets them out there, any fisherman can attest to the supreme sense of relaxation and calmness that spending a morning or evening doing their favorite activity provides. This very quality has made fishing a popular therapeutic exercise used by counselors and therapists who work with veterans, people with chronic illnesses, and others who have experienced trauma in their lives.

fishing for mental health

According to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, studies have shown that war veterans experienced lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol for as long as three weeks after a weekend fishing trip. 

Fishing takes a lot of patient and focus which helps improve your overall mental health as well. Think about it, you have to keep a close eye on your fishing pole to see if you are getting any bites. You have to be willing to sit still and wait. You need to reel your line in when you do think you have a bite, or if nothing is on your line, you need to recast and start the process all over again.

Also, what else is a better way to bond with people. Fishing doesn't require much talking or interaction with people but can be a great way to receive clarity to initiate conversations with people. Being around other people help eliminates the feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It is very possible to make lifelong friends from forming new bonds with strangers that are fishing at the same fishing hole or lake as you are. 

fishing for mental health

Fishing allows you to disconnect for the world. By taking time off and completely disconnecting from work, you can detach yourself from typical stressful day-to-day activities. You can concentrate on your physical and mental well-being while fishing. And many people feel that sitting in silence while fishing is a form of meditation. As we all know, meditation is a great way to eliminate stress and anxiety in our lives, so a peaceful afternoon of fishing is just what the doctor ordered.

With that said, if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, panic, or loneliness, you should unquestionably consider taking up this hobby sooner rather than later. You’ll feel better about your life as you get back to nature, connect with new people or your existing family and friends, and ultimately experience greater self-esteem, peace and quiet, and so many other tremendous benefits.

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